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AI-assistant, which searching all professional & business contacts and communities to boost your business or career
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in the communities of entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to share their ideas and experience
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to any business tasks from experts, specialists and entrepreneurs who have successfully solved similar problems
MasterMind meetings
with professionals who share experience and help each other to develop projects
Твой умный помощник
Your smart assistant
Твой умный помощник

Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyzes interests, requests, competence, users’ contacts and brings together everyone who may be helpful to each other.

You no longer need to bother searching for communities of professionals of your level, new partners, specialists, and investors. Yodvisor has already found everything for you.

Sign up and explore new opportunities for development and effective networking.

Communities of like-minded people
Сообщества единомышленников

Right after you are registered, Yodvisor will refer you to those very communities which meet your interests, scope of activities and location.

Associate with world-class investors and professionals in the sphere of marketing, sales, team management, investment, IT development, or entry into foreign markets.

Сообщества единомышленников
Random coffee
Interesting and worthwhile meetings with new people every week
Random coffee

Yodvisor recommends those you can meet over a cup of coffee in your city every week.

You will definitely have something to discuss as the artificial intelligence chooses participants on the basis of their interests, professions and requests.

New contacts mean new opportunities!

Mastermind groups
Mastermind группы

Regular meetings for mutual guidance.

Groups are formed of 4 to 6 participants with common interests and goals.

Participation in Mastermind helps to:

  • Launch and develop projects
  • Speed up business growth rate
  • Obtain expert opinions
  • Achieve ambitious goals
Mastermind группы
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