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to your true fans
It's an easy and meaningful way to bring true fans together in one space and share the value of your creative work and get funding from them.
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Imagine your place
Here you and your true fans can spend time together. The place where it is easy to light a fire in everyone, where everyone finds like-minded people and stays because of common values.
True faces of true fans
Communicate with real people, not pictures.

Discover video avatars of your fans, find out what they are like, what emotions they experience.

Create your own video avatars for any occasion: promo, concert, backstage, and even Halloween.
Make income from your creative work
Share exclusive content, whether it's live from behind the scenes, broadcasting a home-cooked meal, going live during an important event, or pranking a friend.
Grow your income by opening your digital Shop, offering memberships, or selling commissions and services.
Give members different special powers, set up private channels, paid content, and more.
It's free
Getting paid by your super fans
We believe that creators need to amass only 100 True Fans — not 1,000 — paying them $1,000 a year, not $100
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