Provide best experience
to your attendees
with AI-based matchmaking

Maximize audience engagement & networking. Save your time and increase event ROI
Game-changing Matchmaking
Networking is the reason for 84,7% of people to join an event and return next time
Create more value to attendees
First, a business card - then an acquaintance. This format allows you to save time and increase the number of meaningful business connections by 12 times. Help your attendees to achieve their goals and make smart networking decisions.
Engage Attendees Effectively
A great opportunity to find everyone who is needed for business growth and career. Artificial intelligence suggests relevant people based interests and needs. Users are matched with a recommended event or community member with relevant goals, scope, role, skills, and interests.
Make your Event Look Modern and Trendy
Use our modern tech solution based on current trends and gamification to engage audience and increase the level and reputation of the event. Swipe right to introduce yourself and write a message. Swipe left to go to the next profile.

Increase Attendees Activity
It's easy for your attendees to talk with each other. Once they swipe right, they can chat and discuss. All their messages are saved to their account so they don't need to ask for a business card. Your attendees can network, no matter where they are, and with no extra downloads.
Due to COVID-19, we made it possible to transform your offline event to a virtual one.
or use only the networking tool, and it will cost as much as a single ticket or less
Add Broadcasting / Live stream
You will only need a minute to connect Zoom, Youtube or Skype for business or your favorite broadcast service. All you need to do is specify the broadcast link in your event account. Create multiple stages or live streams. The user can place the broadcast window in any convenient part of the screen, quickly switch between speakers, continue communicating in chats, and ask the speaker a question in real-time, without distracting from the broadcast.
Create discussion topics
Create threads to discuss sessions and industry trends. Ask your participants to create their own topics to share ideas, get help, and answer questions. Track the audience's interests, invite speakers and sponsors to join discussions.
Increase ROI for partners and sponsors
Use threads to provide virtual booths, add product video and ad materials. Attendees can easily find sponsor representatives at their booth and chat with them. Meaningful meetings with potential buyers boost sales.
Host your event on our all-in-one platform
Get Strong Community
Keep in touch with your audience even after the event. Your members continue to communicate and gain meaningful business connections. They generate their own content and discussion topics. You get an active event community, it increases your LTV and sponsors' ROI.